Report on Scottish Catholic Medical Association – Online Retreat for HC Workers Sun 31st May 2020

It was wonderful to see each other (more or less)…. at the Virtual Online Retreat. We are still learning about the virtual world, turning off mics and videos while still hearing and positioning screens for a well framed picture. We had hoped to have the first part streamed live via Facebook, followed by a Zoom discussion. In the end we defaullted to the reliable skype. Unfortunatley Skype requires regular updates which meant, on this occassion, some were not able to join!!!

So what happened?

We started the day with a consideration from Fr Peter, our chaplain who inspired us with the Holy Spirit and the importance of the Pentecost Feast. This was followed by Mass where only a few could see Fr Peter. John Paul kindly shared his screen for those who could not see.

This was followed by a short but very interesting presentation on resilience and burnout in Healthcare & COVID19. Notes and some supporting research can be found below

Notes on Burnout & Resilence Meeting notes May 2020

We hope to get better at this for future meetings if  they remain as virtual. We expect to have a meeting in the Autumn for new students and would be keen to hear your suggestions for  future topics. Please send these to: